Why do I blog?I lost the reason-so help!!

The person who suggested this is reading my mind and also other want-to-be blogger.I would like to know what his answer on this question or is he manageto give one million to someone? 🙂

Lately I lost desire to write.But believe me,I got a lot of idea.It just I throwing my time on scrolling FB whenever I’m about to write, or I just stuck few seconds at my tablet until I decide to watch movie.

I was really into writing at my school time, and at that era I didn’t have laptop.I think Friendster also not yet exists, so I writing by pen. When I recalled back, I don’t know where I got strength to write hundreds pages of stories. One of my famous story known by my friends and teacher titled ‘Anugerah Terindah’.

Then I entered university, I m not sure why I didn’t write any story.I don’t feel it.I just don’t feel to write story but I m into Blogger and quite consistent on it.Then I started working and I found out I seldom write and I noticed clearly the laziness symptom is worse after existing of FB.Do you think FB can replace blog?

Honestly I don’t think so.I know being writer, although you just mess up with the word and writing nonsense actually is precious because writing itself provide a lot of benefit.

It helps me to discipline myself and it’s the time when I sit and reflect what’s I done today.It encourage my brain when trying to arrange and comeout with suitable sentence.

When this prompt comeout,I go and check other people entries and seek for motivation.Thank you.

I know,blogging is good but lately I lost motivation or feeling. What keep you writing?Please advise me,I really need it.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.”