21 DAYS SIC -DAY 13: I decided

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Most of the time I followed my own instinct during decision making.

Today is independent day,and my friend visited me.So I brought her exploring Penang.

Actually I haven’t finish exploring Penang yet,so this is my time.

I just decided that I need to improve myself to be a better citizen.There thing that I lack right now-READING.

Compared to my childhood time,I read a lot.So I should start to read at least a book a month now.

I will do it . Actually there a lot of thing I want to do,but let’s start with something simple.

Selamat Merdeka Malaysia.Saya sayang anda,saya akan ubah diri saya untuk anda.Mungkin cara saya tidak sebesar orang lain,tapi saya akan jadi warganegara Malaysia yang suka membaca dan positif.


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21 DAYS SIC -DAY 12: Forever Young

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If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?


I don’t mind aging till 1000 years if I got 21 years old face and body.=”)

But, still the most attractive about someone is not their youth but their SMILE.Do you think so?



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forever Young.”

21 DAYS SIC -DAY 12: Forever Young

21 DAYS SIC -DAY 11: Take a break

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Don’t try so hard on yourself. Just pause for a while. It will help you to regain focus and energy. It won’t cost you a lot of money.

*this big fat cat only know how to eat and sleep-said the owner .but this bigfatcat…like he care*

Roti canai satu…teh tarik satu.=)


21 DAYS SIC -DAY 11: Take a break

21 DAYS SIC -DAY 10: Give a chance to yourself

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I am not the person who  active in sport.Initially  I don’t like jogging , I just like walking slowly enjoy scenery, if that considered as sport.So jungle trekking,hiking are the activities that I like.But it won’t practical if I want to do it everyday.Plus every time I do it,I become breathless  (sign of low stamina ).

But since I was trying to dive ,stamina is quite important.To dive I need to learn swimming and swimming consume stamina.So I need to do something.

I started to do work out at home ,thanks to my friend who introduced me her favorite channel.Recently my company launched Fit Life campaign which one of the activities is to complete 150 km running in three months.

So I have to start somewhere,that’s why I created SIC,it is for me to monitor myself.I make it compulsory for me to do exercise everyday.I run,next day I swim.I try my best not to find excuses not to exercise.

I do it alone,I remembered it was so awkward to run at Queensbay beach but then I feel better.After that  I start to try other place such Sungai Pinang.

Recently  Penang weather not really good due to haziness.But I still able to find a way to run, which is indoor after office hour.Sometimes at gym , it feel weird because I was the only woman, but I just put my earphone and run or try the equipments.Funny thing just now,I set 5km at thread mill and the speed was so fast,luckily I able to turn it off.After this I won’t set 5km program until I feel comfortable. =)

I installed Nike + and invite some friends that I know.It fun because everyday I ‘ll get motivated with the rank.

I also noticed some changes in my life such:

  • I easily feel sleepy at nite.
  • I easily wake up earlier, earlier than my alarm.
  • I feel happier,actually I always in melancholy mood .
  • I eat a lot?eh?
  • I becoming positive. Because I just focus on myself
  • I think I feel less stress though my work nature always got surprise .
  • I enter office early before 8.I think it’s been 9 days in the row. Yayyy! !
  • I feel healthier, I feel my swimming movement also become easier.

I get those benefits although I just started it for  9 days,imagine if I consistently do it for the whole life?

So give yourself a chance. Add me ‘unidha’ in Nike+ and we can run together virtually. =)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take a Chance on Me.”


21 DAYS SIC -DAY 9: Fruit

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I am super sleepy, but this is important..eat fruit.I am not fruit eater since I wore braces,after I  took it off still  I seldom eat fruit.

But now I try to make it as habit. I eat fruit every morning after I take my honey lime drink.Only once a day for now.

Zzzzzz Zzzz

21 DAYS SIC -DAY 9: Fruit

21 DAYS SIC -DAY 8: Convert it when you sense.

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Unpleasant thing happened today.I said,”It’s okay, be happy.”

My friend said,”You still happy after all this?”

I replied, “So should I cry?”

It was late when I was out from office. The weather is so hazy ,so no outdoor activity today.

I drove to gym with half heart thinking should I proceed with exercise or not, plus I am having stomach ache until now  .A lot of  excuses in my head but I ended up running in gym.Alhamdulillah, I did not follow my heart.Excercise produce endorphins, and endorphins make you happy.Hopefully tomorrow turn up better.


Yesterday’s story 🙂

During our morning  conference call,one of my team member on mourning leave because his grandfather passed away.So I informed my  colleague at US.

“John (not real name) is not coming today due to his grandfather passed away.He will come back on bla bla.”

“Oh… I am sorry to hear that bla bla.”Expressing his condolences.

When the meeting ended,then my teammate told me that it was GRANDFATHER NOT FATHER.

“Huh,I said ‘grandfather’. ”

“NO,we heard FATHER.”Sound like I was cursing an alive man.

OMG,this is serious.I hurrily wrote an email, clarified all the stuff.I could not imagine if wrong message is delivered due to miscommunication.

I seriously thought I said GRANDFATHER…but maybe my grand not so grand.

Share with you hilarious video related to conference call.Yes,it’s true.

21 DAYS SIC -DAY 8: Convert it when you sense.

21 DAYS SIC -DAY 7: Que Sera Sera

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Yesterday I missed my swimming routine.So I planned it today.The weather was very good this morning but I noticed it becoming hazy until now.I am not sure if there fire somewhere but this haziness is not good.It’s not good for health.Arghh…I started to worry about my outdoor activities.

But I still went for swimming this evening and returned home at night with totally hungry stomach. The burger stall was calling but I ignored it because I got bread at home.When I reached home,grabbed the bread-it full with tiny ants.I couldn’t eat it at all.

There were two tiny cheese biscuits and I ate it while watching cooking show-Chuck ‘s Day Off (he cooked lamb)… drooling. -__-|| .And now it showing Gordon ‘s Ramsay Ultimate Cooking-Arggghhhh…what’s wrong with tv lately!!!

Ya,I believe in fate.I believe we can change some and some we could not change it.Example,I could not choose my parent or when I should be born but I can change my life.I believe that if we change  for good change, God will help us.But we need to change it instead of wasting time, crying (too long),waiting for magic to happen-BABE!!! Wake up!!.We need to move our ass ,walking forward and keep praying.

For each one are successive [angels] before and behind him who protect him by the decree of Allah . Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any patron.(Quran:13:11)

Okay,stop being drama queen over the  food. You’re not in food crisis country unid,you are in food overloaded country.Cut it off already!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Que Sera Sera.”