I feel down about my salary.Someone just updated status regarding his salary and bragging about it.

“Humm..maybe my heart not clean enough.I feel down while someone just be thankful they earned much.”
Still I feel down,due to economy crisis and my dream to travel seem fading.

“He definitely wanted to show off.”


“He know he earned much and not everyone earned that much.What point to state his salary ?There a lot of way to be thankful but not by stating the number.”

Suddenly it sooth my heart.If I gain that much,I hope I can maintain like now…keep my salary to myself.

I am lazy to write,so nah a sketch.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mountaintops and Valleys.”


You are created for the best

Today is Malaysia Day.I spent my day at my hometown.The air is fresher than Penang .

I went out for jogging around my village.It’s been long time I haven’t round my village.I am not dare to jog alone because I scare I might bump  with wild animals especially boar.Last time it always come to our backyard,so it might be hovering around the village in early morning because this  animal quite active at night.

My sister in law offered to accompany me and surprisingly his husband also ready with bicycle.I am grateful to be accompanied by this couple.

We saw a lot of thing,and it is not scary as i thought because a lot of peoples already awake to  start their routine.So next time,I can go by myself.=)

When we reached home,my mom already prepared cucur jagung kucai.Uhmmm… sedapnya.

Now I m back to Penang,it’s just rain.Hopefully fresher air for tomorrow.While a lot af bad things happening , a lot of good things also happening.I guess, all was well with the world. =)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No Cliffhangers.”


Starwalk 2015

Yesterday I joined starwalk.Wokeup at 5.00 , arrived at 6.00 something but still late due to because no car park available. At last , we parked near with First Avenue and walked to register.

Penang still affected by haze,the API level was 85 yesterday although it was raining on previous day.But it was crowded yesterday, this event was participated by schools,companies.It was fun walk indeed.

Bumblebeeeee =)


Masjid Kapitan Keling

Yay..at last
Starwalk 2015

After rain

Today is raining,it’s good because lately it’s hazy in Penang. Well ,hoping that I could running outdoor after this.Running on treadmill is seriously boring , it’s hard to sweat due to air conditioner plus no beautiful scenery.

I feel clean after rain
What??!!!Fogging.It's poisonous.
What??!!!Fogging.Just after the rain.It’s poisonous.

Well,it’s fact of life…

Mosquitoes are our tradition enemy since unknown.We are willing to do everything in our power including to  commit  suicide just ‘trying’ to cease them.

Enjoy my sketch of the day.Thanks for reading.

Just in case noone notice, these are two mosquitoes. =”)
After rain

21 DAYS SIC -DAY 21: Yay…It’s the Day

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2015-09-08 23.12.04

I drew my badge.Yay…at last today is 21 day.I just back from dinner with an old friend.=)

Let me share with you my experience.

  • Around 90% of 21 days I did excersises such running, swimming and work out. Can say 100% if I want to include walking.
  • Around 90% I  reached office  before 8.00 am except during PMS.But only one day I reached at 9.00 am.So can I say although I  got PMS , I  still managed to get to office early.
  • Around 90 % I ate fruits and  drank healthy drink in the morning.
  • 100% update this blog.  “)

Some noticeable effect.My body feel lighter,I also start to eat alot (good effect? ).I feel less stress and positive although I got more workload . PMS /heartbroken is noticed to be less.

Reaching office earlier help me to plan my day.I start not to use many excuses for skipping exercises. Just set simple mindset;even some successful person in this world always got time for exercise, how could I be busier than them?if I still able to watch TV, scrolling my phone that mean I still got time to kill.

I plan to do other project after this while maintaining healthy lifestyle above.

Thanks a lot for reading this.

21 DAYS SIC -DAY 21: Yay…It’s the Day

21 DAYS SIC -DAY 20: Untouchable

*Please go to here to know more about SIC.*

I had conversation with an old woman during breakfast.She showed me her phone,a smartphone.It’s facebook.I see.

” The internet consume some money.I cannot turn on mobile data all time.”

I smiled.

“Not so useful,I just read only.Nowadays peoples always with phone.At home most of the time my nephews also spending their time touching phone so that’ s why I bought one.”

Ya,me also seem tied with phone. Her statement is sound creepy, imagine old woman sitting surrounding with her younger relatives but no conversation because all of them are  staring and scrolling phone.

Read Facebook  Addiction Disorder 

How Addicted to Facebook Are You?

Created by Oatmeal

“If we are not the one who post,then we are the one who stalk or both.”

Oh,tomorrow is 21 day… any request for me to write something?

21 DAYS SIC -DAY 20: Untouchable