21 Days Self Improvement Challenge

Okay,I could not hold this anymore.I was thinking when a good day to start this but I should start it now.Actually I am doing self improvement.I try to change my habit and the way of thinking to a better stage.

I started quite few days ago…silently because I was worrying if I could not  do this it will be embrassing right?But maybe due to that thought I fail few times before ,because I did it quitely.

Well, world this is what I plan to do.

I am going to blog for 21 days on good thing/activity that I’ve done,so it help to motivate myself and hopefully inspire you.

SIC is stand for Self Improvement Challenge, I put that name so I will focus to challenge myself to share something good.Internet will be better place if people keep sharing good stuff. =)

I hope you can join me to take this challenge for only 21 days.Write your activity or anything good especially on  habit improvement such quit smoking,eat good food,ideal weight and anything for 21 days.Why 21 days?I want to do 30 days but I am afraid it too ambitious,so let start with small thing first.

Let me know if  you would like to join my journey.


Day 1:Running

Day 2: Honey Calamansi

Day 3:I’ve got Your Number 

Day 4 : Plan and Do It as We Can 

Day 5 :Today was a Good Day

Day 6 : No excuse

Day 7:Que Sera Sera

Day 8:Convert it when you sense

Day 9:Fruits

Day 10:Give a Chance to Yourself

Day 11:Take a Break

Day 12:Forever Young

Day 13:I Decided

Day 14:Inside Out

Day 15:Progress

Day 16:Danger

Day 17:Car

Day 18:Out of Internet 

Day 19:Connected 

Day 20:Untouchable 

Day 21:Yay..it’s the day


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