The Zone

I always get into my own zone when I am driving alone.I easily immersed into the other zone when I am singing out loud especially when the music from 90 ‘s era is played at my radio. Continue reading “The Zone”

The Zone


I seldom remember my dreams.Sometimes my dreams could be a continuous movie series such as in first dream ,I did not know how to drive car but I faced an emergency situation whereby I had to drive a car without knowing how.After some time,I got a dream whereby  I already got a license due to the first dream.Weird.

One of dream that I remember until now happened when I was a teenager.Maybe in secondary school.In my dream, I was playing at a small path near to my house.There a boy, tall and quite fair.He does not look like Arabian or India,maybe more to Chinese but his eyes quite big and his skin color not so fair but he is fairer than me.He wore white T-shirt and some sort of a hat or cap.Maybe kupiah but not the regular white one.It was dark blue if I am not mistaken,the texture quite soft based on my observation.He still young but older than me at that time.I believe that I can recognize him if he bump into me. Continue reading “Izmir”



We picked them from a friend at Kelantan,
Their mother is Persian,their father unknown,labi three
They’re twin black and white,
One named Labu,one named Labi
Labu died first,so that’s a lonely Labi,
He gentle to human especially to the little one,
He let kitten step on his head,
But warn to those tomcat,’don’t mess with him!’
He is coldhearted,
He is the Don! Continue reading “Labi”


Prime Minister of Internet?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Internet Order.”

I believe that education is more important than controlling.The issues that we’re facing now is the MISUSE.Usually whenever this issue comeout-some solution that come out to my eyes(well because I read it) is ban ,prohibit or haramkan.Well,if peoples spread the fire through Facebook then ban Facebook.If the fire come from blog then ban blog.Oh,if we found out our staff chatting through FB/Gtalk/YM then ban those communication tool from our office.Is it really effective way to control??? Continue reading “Prime Minister of Internet?”


Let it go

I thought forgiveness is for others but actually it exclusively for me.Once I starting to forgive..I am  the one who feel peace.

It’s depend on the situation.Here I list down  some of the situations.I use simple example to describe scenario.

Scenario #1:Small fault but seldom happen

Your friend always punctual but sometimes he/ she might late.Forgive them,because it is not their habit.No need to wait for them to apologize.Who are you anyway?Such small fault you cannot get over it.Forgive and forget.

Continue reading “Let it go”