7 Rules to master English speaking


How are you doing?I am fine,I found new job and moved to different city.It’s really refreshing to feel new air. =)

I just finished watch 7 rules to master English speaking by A.J Hoge via youtube.It’s great and added new perspective in learning English.Well, I am not English native speaker so I have to learn it everyday.

So here the tips:

  • Use phrases, not individual word
  • Do not study grammar rule.Grammar makes us think, think slow down speaking process while it should be fast and natural.
  • Listen, listen , listen. In order to mastering speaking, we need to master listen.It is good to be a good listener.I personally think that good listener will make a good speaker, although not necessary good speaker is a good listener.
  • Deep learning with repetition.Start with simple stories, and keep repeating it.
  • Use point of view to learn grammar.In story , we can see different point of view, in past, present.With listening and reading the stories  naturally we will learn grammar.
  • Learn real English.Go to story book, material that meant for native speaker such children story book not from textbook that meant for foreigner to learn english.He really emphasize on do not use text book.
  • Powerful English stories.Always ask and answer in instance.

I am not good in speaking, I am not sure is it because my confidence level or my English skill.I always forgot what to say and having hard time to choose the right word.But I always can talk alone in English…eh, I am crazy?

A.J Hoge now  becoming my favourite channel , after animals video especially cat and dog and makeup tutorial video such Michelle Phan and Beauty Breakdown.

My activity  this morning.Onion plan seem very happy =)


7 Rules to master English speaking


Respond to : Earworm

Worm…what coincident!I just took a tablet to deworm today.I can’t remember when the last time I took the pill.Because reading about worm lately give me a trauma so I just took one today.After this will maintain eat coconut drink,pumpkin seed for natural treatment.

I watched He  and I like the movie.I would say,it is so typical for people to be positive about person that they loved while actually not.

“He didn’t call me for long time.Ohh..maybe he lost my number.”

But end up,he is really healthy,got your phone number but you ‘re not in his priority list.To accept that people doesn’t like us especially when they used to treat us good it’s very difficult.I think it is normal disease for women including me.

I like a statement by Mary.It make me missed how people get connected during old times.

I had this guy leave me a voice mail at work so I called him at home and then he e-mailed me to my Blackberry and so I texted to his cell and then he e-mailed me to my home account and the whole thing just got out of control. And I miss the days when you had one phone number and one answering machine and that one answering machine has one cassette tape and that one cassette tape either had a message from a guy or it didn’t. And now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies. It’s exhausting.

I watch this movie several times until now.Anyone watch this?How do you think about it?



Now is all I have

Respond to Daily Prompt : Now

Yesterday I am craving over cheese.I ate cheese spread with biscuit.Last nite,I cried.I feel down–today morning during shower then I saw ahh Red Flag.No wonder I got mood swing.

So I had *Bengkang Keju  with latte  during lunch then for tea time I bought soft cheese cake and shared it with my friends.It is nice feeling when I distribute the small cheese cake and people come to my place just to have chat where I bought it,got other shop blah blah.I like that type of feeling.

So now..I am writing for Daily Prompt which I left quite some times.I still at my office =) . I am not productive lately and same goes with my colleagues here.Why?

It’s holiday season.Today morning I didn’t receive any email from US team–arrhhgghh they are busy decorating Christmas tree =)

I am Muslim so I don’t celebrate Christmas  but I enjoy exchange gift because it is time when all people officially give gift and a lot of discount stuff.I loves to see peoples how they’re wishing,thinking about old times ,how they celebrate it.Festival season is when we want to be close to our family, our loved one.We busy preparing the food, the gift etc.All the process seem like small stuff like I always discussing the food,new  clothes theme –it sound so miscellaneous but actually it FULL OF LOVE.I keep greeting them ‘Happy holiday’, ‘Please be safe’,’Take care’,’Stay healthy’ and it is so peaceful to see peoples smiling and joking around.

I always so worry about future, sad about yesterday but I always forgot about today.Today is my cheese day.Lunch , TeaTime and high possibility I will eat cheese for Dinner.

The music box and food container , I got it from exchange gift.


Bengkang/Bingka : Type of Malay cake.Can be made from flour,corn,tapioca etc.

Keju:Malay word for CHEESE.



Now is all I have

I wish I can be blonde…

In respond to :It Builds Character

My friend introduced me to Legally Blonde when we were studying in university.So you know it is quite an old stuff.But I still watching this from time to time,and even today I watched it again.

I am hooked by Elle Woods character,she is blonde girl who was underestimated by most people she met.I like her because her character in the movie is  friendly,she didn’t take what  people said about her seriously but she focus on what she want.She is not a person who loves to hold grudge.She can  be friend to everyone although  she  come from wealthy family.

I noticed,she seldom talk bad about other people behind their back.Note when she was tricked by Vivian on costume party,and she ended up wearing in rabbit costume.When her  x boyfriend asked why she wearing that and she just reply,’I just decided to wear this.’ while she can just tell him that his fiancee did that to her.She is the type who confront people and opinionated. 🙂

Entering law school while it sound not so herself.Victoria Secret model to a lawyer?Does not matter,she know what she wanted and she is doing best.
Of course you can see she tried her best.I feel motivated seeing her study.
Well,when we might think if I choose this color what other people might say,but she…just be myself.
She is rich girl but she is not rude.She utilize what she has and how many of us,use whatever we have?We got treadmill but it end up in storeroom.=)
Helping people is a reward
Be nice, even to your rival.It make sense because it will drive them crazy =)
When we could not stand on something, we will try our best to fix it.
Always have faith in people especially in ourselves.Remember,first impressions not always correct.

I hope I can get all her good character.It’s my all time favourite,how about you?


I wish I can be blonde…