I wish I can be blonde…

In respond to :It Builds Character

My friend introduced me to Legally Blonde when we were studying in university.So you know it is quite an old stuff.But I still watching this from time to time,and even today I watched it again.

I am hooked by Elle Woods character,she is blonde girl who was underestimated by most people she met.I like her because her character in the movie is  friendly,she didn’t take what  people said about her seriously but she focus on what she want.She is not a person who loves to hold grudge.She can  be friend to everyone although  she  come from wealthy family.

I noticed,she seldom talk bad about other people behind their back.Note when she was tricked by Vivian on costume party,and she ended up wearing in rabbit costume.When her  x boyfriend asked why she wearing that and she just reply,’I just decided to wear this.’ while she can just tell him that his fiancee did that to her.She is the type who confront people and opinionated. 🙂

Entering law school while it sound not so herself.Victoria Secret model to a lawyer?Does not matter,she know what she wanted and she is doing best.
Of course you can see she tried her best.I feel motivated seeing her study.
Well,when we might think if I choose this color what other people might say,but she…just be myself.
She is rich girl but she is not rude.She utilize what she has and how many of us,use whatever we have?We got treadmill but it end up in storeroom.=)
Helping people is a reward
Be nice, even to your rival.It make sense because it will drive them crazy =)
When we could not stand on something, we will try our best to fix it.
Always have faith in people especially in ourselves.Remember,first impressions not always correct.

I hope I can get all her good character.It’s my all time favourite,how about you?


I wish I can be blonde…