Why do I blog?I lost the reason-so help!!

The person who suggested this is reading my mind and also other want-to-be blogger.I would like to know what his answer on this question or is he manageto give one million to someone? ūüôā

Lately I lost desire to write.But believe me,I got a lot of idea.It just I throwing my time on scrolling FB whenever I’m about to write, or I just stuck few seconds at my tablet until I decide to watch movie.

I was really into writing at my school time, and at that era I didn’t have laptop.I think Friendster also not yet exists, so I writing by pen. When I recalled back, I don’t know where I got strength to write hundreds pages of stories. One of my famous story known by my friends and teacher titled ‘Anugerah Terindah’.

Then I entered university, I m not sure why I didn’t write any story.I don’t feel it.I just don’t feel to write story but I m into Blogger and quite consistent on it.Then I started working and I found out I seldom write and I noticed clearly the laziness symptom is worse after existing of FB.Do you think FB can replace blog?

Honestly I don’t think so.I know being writer, although you just mess up with the word and writing nonsense actually is precious because writing itself provide a lot of benefit.

It helps me to discipline myself and it’s the time when I sit and reflect what’s I done today.It encourage my brain when trying to arrange and comeout with suitable sentence.

When this prompt comeout,I go and check other people entries and seek for motivation.Thank you.

I know,blogging is good but lately I lost motivation or feeling. What keep you writing?Please advise me,I really need it.

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Sometimes I thinkÔĽŅ that it’s better to never ask why

Sometimes I think that it’s better to never ask why because most of the time I didn’t get the answer.And I ¬†ended up wasting my time on wondering the answer that’s not meant for me to know now.

This is not only happening in my life,but I believe also happen to you.We keep wondering the reason why it happened to us not others.We feel weak,we feel worst but at last we’re the most suitable person to play the character.

Sometimes I decide on something that I have no idea what the consequences, but if I do not take any decision I feel empty. It feel that I just breathing in this life,my story does not have climax and not interesting at all.I never feel being loved, also not sure I have been in love before.When I hold a pen and want to write about my life,I feel I don’t have one.

Although routine is good,but ¬†I don’t think that I am able to be patient with the same routine everyday.I need to go out and explore and see the world and feel it no matter on what reason.

I hope I can start writing my life soon and inspired others.I hope I will have a deed that I can bring to die and also it will help me to enter Heaven.

But no matter how blank I am,I got to get up and try.If not,my story will remain unknown.

The song titled Try by Pink.The chorus keep playing in my head.Bye.

Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame
Someone’s bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
You’ve gotta get up and try try try
Gotta get up and try try try
You gotta get up and try try try

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How to be an Expert

It’s been awhile.Woaa..maintaining post is not easy as update FB status.

This is a book that I completed read last month,but just got chance to write it here tonight.

Title :How to be an expert in your own field.

Author :Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Front cover
Front cover
Back cover
Back cover

The key points that I got after reading this book:

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life-Charles Darwin

Silent… actually I got a lot of time, like other successful people but where the time goes?

FB and WA should be under not important and not urgent.I skecth wrongly.

I think for ¬†something ¬†‘import and urgent’, I will do it with my whole heart but then ¬†for ¬†something it is ‘important and not urgent’ such planning strategy, I allocated it with something that ‘not important and not urgent’.

If you nourish yourself well,then you will have much more to give to your job and to the other people. Okay, person who loves her/himself will love other peoples.Then if we hate ourselves, it means we hate other people? Also true.

Brave to speak out our opinion in very good way.We are our own worst enemies sometimes because not able to express our own opinion.

Most people do not have the time or patience to figure out what value we bring to the table.

What to blog?What to write?I think this also apply on FB or any application that related to express idea.

Everything we put in Internet can be Googled at some point, many people use to share everything *cough* that occurs to them,without much editing for appropriateness, and without much thought about the implications. Some blogs are simply ‘what’s going on in my world now’ and REAL thought leaders ensure that it always fits within the content they have planned. *cough*.Some believe it should be spontaneous but the author believe we should have balance.In other words, filtering because the real leader will decide what goes in and what stays out.

Don’t worry,you won’t get sued unless you make it personal.

“Remember always that you have not only the right to be an individual; you have obligation to¬†be one. You cannot make any useful contribution in life unless you do this.-Eleanor Roosevelt ¬†“

Okay make sense,because nowadays all people compete to be unique while we already unique.

Will they like me?If we are worrying too much,then we just let other people overshadow our potential. So move with what we think correct.

Okay,so what you think?

How to be an Expert


I feel down about my salary.Someone just updated status regarding his salary and bragging about it.

“Humm..maybe my heart not clean enough.I feel down while someone just be thankful they earned much.”
Still I feel down,due to economy crisis and my dream to travel seem fading.

“He definitely wanted to show off.”


“He know he earned much and not everyone earned that much.What point to state his salary ?There a lot of way to be thankful but not by stating the number.”

Suddenly it sooth my heart.If I gain that much,I hope I can maintain like now…keep my salary to myself.

I am lazy to write,so nah a sketch.


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You are created for the best

Today is Malaysia Day.I spent my day at my hometown.The air is fresher than Penang .

I went out for jogging around my village.It’s been long time I haven’t round my village.I am not dare to jog alone because I scare I might bump ¬†with wild animals especially boar.Last time it always come to our backyard,so it might be hovering around the village in early morning because this ¬†animal quite active at night.

My sister in law offered to accompany me and surprisingly his husband also ready with bicycle.I am grateful to be accompanied by this couple.

We saw a lot of thing,and it is not scary as i thought because a lot of peoples already awake to  start their routine.So next time,I can go by myself.=)

When we reached home,my mom already prepared cucur jagung kucai.Uhmmm… sedapnya.

Now I m back to Penang,it’s just rain.Hopefully fresher air for tomorrow.While a lot af bad things happening , a lot of good things also happening.I guess, all was well with the world. =)

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Starwalk 2015

Yesterday I joined starwalk.Wokeup at 5.00 , arrived at 6.00 something but still late due to because no car park available. At last , we parked near with First Avenue and walked to register.

Penang still affected by haze,the API level was 85 yesterday although it was raining on previous day.But it was crowded yesterday, this event was participated by schools,companies.It was fun walk indeed.

Bumblebeeeee =)


Masjid Kapitan Keling

Yay..at last
Starwalk 2015