7 Rules to master English speaking


How are you doing?I am fine,I found new job and moved to different city.It’s really refreshing to feel new air. =)

I just finished watch 7 rules to master English speaking by A.J Hoge via youtube.It’s great and added new perspective in learning English.Well, I am not English native speaker so I have to learn it everyday.

So here the tips:

  • Use phrases, not individual word
  • Do not study grammar rule.Grammar makes us think, think slow down speaking process while it should be fast and natural.
  • Listen, listen , listen. In order to mastering speaking, we need to master listen.It is good to be a good listener.I personally think that good listener will make a good speaker, although not necessary good speaker is a good listener.
  • Deep learning with repetition.Start with simple stories, and keep repeating it.
  • Use point of view to learn grammar.In story , we can see different point of view, in past, present.With listening and reading the stories  naturally we will learn grammar.
  • Learn real English.Go to story book, material that meant for native speaker such children story book not from textbook that meant for foreigner to learn english.He really emphasize on do not use text book.
  • Powerful English stories.Always ask and answer in instance.

I am not good in speaking, I am not sure is it because my confidence level or my English skill.I always forgot what to say and having hard time to choose the right word.But I always can talk alone in English…eh, I am crazy?

A.J Hoge now  becoming my favourite channel , after animals video especially cat and dog and makeup tutorial video such Michelle Phan and Beauty Breakdown.

My activity  this morning.Onion plan seem very happy =)


7 Rules to master English speaking

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