21 DAYS SIC -DAY 20: Untouchable

*Please go to here to know more about SIC.*

I had conversation with an old woman during breakfast.She showed me her phone,a smartphone.It’s facebook.I see.

” The internet consume some money.I cannot turn on mobile data all time.”

I smiled.

“Not so useful,I just read only.Nowadays peoples always with phone.At home most of the time my nephews also spending their time touching phone so that’ s why I bought one.”

Ya,me also seem tied with phone. Her statement is sound creepy, imagine old woman sitting surrounding with her younger relatives but no conversation because all of them are  staring and scrolling phone.

Read Facebook  Addiction Disorder 

How Addicted to Facebook Are You?

Created by Oatmeal

“If we are not the one who post,then we are the one who stalk or both.”

Oh,tomorrow is 21 day… any request for me to write something?

21 DAYS SIC -DAY 20: Untouchable

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