21 DAYS SIC -DAY 10: Give a chance to yourself

*Please go to here to know more about SIC.*

I am not the person who  active in sport.Initially  I don’t like jogging , I just like walking slowly enjoy scenery, if that considered as sport.So jungle trekking,hiking are the activities that I like.But it won’t practical if I want to do it everyday.Plus every time I do it,I become breathless  (sign of low stamina ).

But since I was trying to dive ,stamina is quite important.To dive I need to learn swimming and swimming consume stamina.So I need to do something.

I started to do work out at home ,thanks to my friend who introduced me her favorite channel.Recently my company launched Fit Life campaign which one of the activities is to complete 150 km running in three months.

So I have to start somewhere,that’s why I created SIC,it is for me to monitor myself.I make it compulsory for me to do exercise everyday.I run,next day I swim.I try my best not to find excuses not to exercise.

I do it alone,I remembered it was so awkward to run at Queensbay beach but then I feel better.After that  I start to try other place such Sungai Pinang.

Recently  Penang weather not really good due to haziness.But I still able to find a way to run, which is indoor after office hour.Sometimes at gym , it feel weird because I was the only woman, but I just put my earphone and run or try the equipments.Funny thing just now,I set 5km at thread mill and the speed was so fast,luckily I able to turn it off.After this I won’t set 5km program until I feel comfortable. =)

I installed Nike + and invite some friends that I know.It fun because everyday I ‘ll get motivated with the rank.

I also noticed some changes in my life such:

  • I easily feel sleepy at nite.
  • I easily wake up earlier, earlier than my alarm.
  • I feel happier,actually I always in melancholy mood .
  • I eat a lot?eh?
  • I becoming positive. Because I just focus on myself
  • I think I feel less stress though my work nature always got surprise .
  • I enter office early before 8.I think it’s been 9 days in the row. Yayyy! !
  • I feel healthier, I feel my swimming movement also become easier.

I get those benefits although I just started it for  9 days,imagine if I consistently do it for the whole life?

So give yourself a chance. Add me ‘unidha’ in Nike+ and we can run together virtually. =)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take a Chance on Me.”


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