21 DAYS SIC -DAY 8: Convert it when you sense.

*Please go to here to know more about SIC.*

Unpleasant thing happened today.I said,”It’s okay, be happy.”

My friend said,”You still happy after all this?”

I replied, “So should I cry?”

It was late when I was out from office. The weather is so hazy ,so no outdoor activity today.

I drove to gym with half heart thinking should I proceed with exercise or not, plus I am having stomach ache until now  .A lot of  excuses in my head but I ended up running in gym.Alhamdulillah, I did not follow my heart.Excercise produce endorphins, and endorphins make you happy.Hopefully tomorrow turn up better.


Yesterday’s story 🙂

During our morning  conference call,one of my team member on mourning leave because his grandfather passed away.So I informed my  colleague at US.

“John (not real name) is not coming today due to his grandfather passed away.He will come back on bla bla.”

“Oh… I am sorry to hear that bla bla.”Expressing his condolences.

When the meeting ended,then my teammate told me that it was GRANDFATHER NOT FATHER.

“Huh,I said ‘grandfather’. ”

“NO,we heard FATHER.”Sound like I was cursing an alive man.

OMG,this is serious.I hurrily wrote an email, clarified all the stuff.I could not imagine if wrong message is delivered due to miscommunication.

I seriously thought I said GRANDFATHER…but maybe my grand not so grand.

Share with you hilarious video related to conference call.Yes,it’s true.

21 DAYS SIC -DAY 8: Convert it when you sense.

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