21 DAYS SIC -DAY 4:Plan and do it as we can

*Please go to here to know more about SIC.*

Well, plan not necessarily work as we planned but at least we won’t wake up one day and realize that we doing nothing except watching tv or scrolling Facebook.

I try to plan and mark my calendar for whatever task lately .As I am forgetful person,this helps me a lot.But I don’t really stick to the plan strictly.Example if it  happens that  I free on Monday evening,I will go to swim on Monday although in my calendar ,swimming should be on Tuesday.I try to plan but whenever I feel free,I will do the task earlier as we never know what will happen in future.But this is excluding the event that involves other people.

When I mark my task in calendar, I could  see how much time that I  wasted for TV, FB,YouTube etc (this is my challenge right now).Keep watching TV while I should start reading a book.Worst,I always thought that I didn’t have much time but actually I wasted it quite a lot.When start doing the task that I planned, I  realized that actually we really don’t have time.Eh…suddenly I am confused with my own sentence .=/

Lesson learned today,at 6.30 pm I was wondering should I go for jogging or stay at home because I thought 6.30 pm was quite late.But guess what, I  ended up watching TV till almost 8 pm.Jogging won’t take that much.=(

Okay tomorrow, wake up early,jog,have breakfast then learn to ride motorcycle. Anyone in?

Achievement for today, managed to swim for 500 meter but the last 100 meter I used pullbuoy.

21 DAYS SIC -DAY 4:Plan and do it as we can

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