21 DAYS SIC -DAY 3:I’ve Got Your Number

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Your emails are like one big cry.’Kiss, kiss, hug,hug,please like me,please like me!’ – Sam Roxton

Okay,the books are laying on the rack for very long time until I started to pick up one book titled Remember me? by Sophie Kinsella.Since then, I ‘m hooked.It hilarious  and touching at the same time.I don’t read too much overload romantic book and this  book is none of those. 

Then I found another book by the same author,’I’ve Got Your Number. ‘

Damn,I was reading this non stop until I finished at 1am and I got meeting at 7am.This is good book,light romantic, comedy. It made me laugh. Plus personally,I think I learned something especially in self-development. =D

But I feel weird on the email in phone because we can just access email through different phone or computer instead of depending on that phone.

Because my English not so good,I am not really understand at this part,page 290.

“But there is no fiancée, feminine. ”

It make me google fiancee, fiancée but could not find the answer.Anyone can explain it to me?

21 DAYS SIC -DAY 3:I’ve Got Your Number

One thought on “21 DAYS SIC -DAY 3:I’ve Got Your Number

  1. The message said ‘fiancée’ which means woman you are engaged to. So Poppy assumed the message was for Sam about his fiancée. BUT the message was sent by someone who can’t spell and should have said fiancé, (male person who is engaged). Plus Sam points out, he has no fiancée anyway so it’s definitely not a message for him. Does that make sense or have I just made it more confusing?


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