21 Days SIC -Day 1: Running

*Please go to here to know more about SIC.*

I hate running…when compared to other exercise jogging is something I  dislike. Why?I thought it’s bored exercise…but I like walking.Weird.

But I need stamina in order to swim.I easily get breathless while swimming so my teacher asked me to build up stamina.Walking does not do so much compare to jog.

I don’t  like to jog…and I need to figure out why I dislike so I can fix my feeling.One of the reason is I get bored easily.Well this evening,I give a start.I choose path near Queensbay beach to run.I like beach but after running I feel the path is short.Good sign,if I hate it I will feel the path is never ending right? 😉

To force myself,I join challenge that introduced by my company something like we need to complete run for 150 km in estimate two months.It around 2.5 km perday…woaahh.

Just now I managed to run only 700 metres-don’t  laugh please.Initially I feel shy because not many peoples are  running,actually I saw only one guy is running.Other peoples were fishing and dating (i guess).Anyway I will try to run at least once a week because I won’t run everyday.I  have to alternate it with swimming.I try to choose different path to make it interesting activity.

Install apps such as Nike + helps me to track my record.It detect my movement,also it can play our favorite playlist which also automatically pause if we stop running.

I sweat,not sure because of weather or the run but I glad that I sweat.It was cool feeling.After that,I take rest while capturing pictures.


So what exercise that you hate the most?By any chance you will like it?

21 Days SIC -Day 1: Running

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