The tiny samurai

One movie that still give effect to me is the Last Samurai,I watched it from my computer during my university time.I remember that I keep replaying that movie.The funny thing,I didn’t know who played the main character (hero) and was thinking that he was so talented plus with good looking face.After I figured out,I feel ashamed to my self because not knowing Tom Cruise.How come I didn’t know him. He was so famous but I only heard his name,no bother to know how he looks like.That is so me until now,I m not so into ‘THE IN STUFF’.

If I can play one character inside,I want to be a little Malay warrior that have knowledge in Silat ,etc but eager to learn Japanese culture.My character name will be Seri Cempaka. (–*) Oh God,I am blushing –.

Of course Seri Cempaka is funny and cute woman who loves to play with kid and animal.My character always shown in these scene:

*Play with kids.
*Practicing sword.
*Take care of animal such as horse and CAT.
*Sometimes teach other Japanese silat. (To be honest,I don’t know silat in real life 🙂 )
*Cooking sometimes because I am Malay so sometimes I will miss Malay food-then I get frustrated because most of my cooking eating by my friends who eagerly want to taste Malay food.(imagine funny scene on fighting over food here)

Of course,I should have one best friend and crush that always hangout with me who is…



Tehee…if you feel want to vommit after reading my story-please go ahead =)

So spoiler,Nobutada died and I was so sad.At the end,I will try move on and start new life.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fourth Wall.”

The tiny samurai

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