15 th Ramadhan Different Test

Different people different test.We are seating a life exam with same weight of difficulties but different questions.

The aunt that I know at my office building,her house was on fire recently.”Nothing left…not even underwear”.She said ,smiling.The fire was happened when she was working.Luckily peoples managed to save her mother.In two minutes everything perished.

“I managed to find my coin that I save in tin since two years ago.All turn into black so I put Clorox.”She laughed.

I listened to her sad stories ,surprisingly she was  so strong ,she even laugh but who knows deep in her heart.Currently she have to rent a house nearby.Some peoples donated clothes,food and money.We tried our best to help her…I just hope that we can do more.

“This is fitnah for her.”said one of my friend when I told him the story.

“Fitnah, is it mean talking wrong about other people?”

“No,no.Do you know when we want to purify gold from other stuff such rubbish or other unnecessary .The process is very hard just to get the real gold.That is fitnah.”

I think he was referring to speech by  Sheikh Yahya:Overcoming  Hardship.I listened to it before and I love the story of Prophet Moses p.b.u.h.  explained in the speech.

Yes,the difficulties that we face is to make us a better person.To purify us in order to be a pure gold.That is just my personal metaphor.


15 th Ramadhan Different Test

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