14th Ramadhan Luckier day

*yesterday story*

At 10 am , I noticed there was an envelop on my desk.Wedding invitation?






I never thought I see this creature again.Kad Raya!!!!

So sweet.The malay word ,Ke hadapan made me laugh.My chinese friend is so CUTE.

Wishing people with cards,I could not remember when I received the last  card.Nowadays all wishes through Facebook,Whatsapp and electronical devices.So this is my first card after a few years and it is not from my Malay friend.Cheer up my day 🙂

At evening,suddenly she came handed me  container with cherries.”Nah,for your buka puasa later.”


Suddenly I feel blessed.Sharing is caring .

Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah … 🙂

14th Ramadhan Luckier day

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