10 th Ramadhan Kombucha Tea

I don’t like when I have to come office during weekend.When I was younger , I used to come office almost every week not to mention working till really late hour at night.But now,I just don’t like it.For me, I try not to make it habit.But I confess I always stayup late because I don’t want to work during weekend.After this,will try my best to fit the office hour.

If company policy to work during weekend then it’ okay,it’s written rule especially when employee get some allowances.If not,then it is very bad.I heard some company ,not really a company but the bosses who insist their staff to work late but the staff not able to claim  any allowances whatoever.They have to because the bosses asked to.Pity.I used to be in that position previously.:(

Okay,but good thing working on Saturday is no people around so I can focus.When I get bored than I remembered I have kombucha tea in pantry.Hehhh..so it’ s time to harvest and believe me it does not take so much time.Enough to get rid the bored.No worry,once I entered new house,I will do it at home.

Because I left it for very long time ,it become sour,so I mixed it with fruits.

10 th Ramadhan Kombucha Tea

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