6th Ramadhan Treat

Pleasing people,seeing people smile is theraphy.Smile is the simplest charity.

I went to Bazaar Ramadhan today,looking for food.I notice that during fasting month my appetite is shrinking.I stopped at chiken rice stall,staring at the take away package.All rice is in full bowl.

“Uncle,is it okay for me to have half bowl rice?I will pay the same price.”

He smiled,asked me to choose which chicken part.Plus he gave me discount.

Ya,my appetite is shrinking especially during weekdays.I only have dates,milk or plain water for Suhoor and just half of rice for break fast.I survive for whole day.The quantity become smaller everyday and I don’t have issue on it at all.

I am lucky because I still can choose whether to eat more or less,some peoples they don’ t have choice.

6th Ramadhan Treat

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