5th Ramadhan Mango and Durian

I like mango,regardless ripe or not,green or yellow.If it happen green and not ripe yet,I will eat with garam belacan or kuah rojak.

Seem like my housemate know I like mango,I always get excited when see the fruit in the house.I think mango is not their number one favorite because they can left it on the table until it end up to dustbin.Usually I m the one who ask,”Hey,are you going to eat this?”Then they will let me eat it :).



My housemate brought this from her hometown,she told me they have a lot.

Another surprise…her fiancee brought durian.Oh…I like durian also but it is not in my number one list.Yesterday just happened my mom made pulut santan with durian.


Oh…friendly people always murah rezeki.So smile always and cheer up peoples.

5th Ramadhan Mango and Durian

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