3rd Ramadhan : The curtain and the leftover

I have to write the entry in different places before get a chance to upload it.I return to my home for this weekend and the internet connection so terrible.

My housemates working as nurse in a hospital.We barely meet although we stay in the same house due to their work nature.They work in shift either 7am to 7pm or 7 pm to 7 am.Plus they always have to cater emergency cases,so going back on time-one of dream come true.

“So you’re breaking fast at hospital?”
She nodded with smile.
“and Suhoor also?”
Again another nod with smile.

Working at hospital is tough,if me complaining about my work,it just about money in and out.But for them,it about life and death.

Luckily I have another housmate that not working in hospital,she said this year it was lucky to have me.If not she have to break fast alone because it highly hard to meet the nurses.Ya,I experienced break fast alone,and it is not a happy feeling.We can eat alone everyday but not really during Ramadhan.

When break the fast,I just eat a little bit of rice,and although it just a small amount,it feel very torturing to finish.I lost my appetite and luckily I did not buy many food.After that,we went for terawih.

In Saturday morning,when I reached home,my mom saw me with a big smile while carrying Pandan leaves.I know,we had not chance to fast together in previous day.A few days before she just texting and calling me during Suhoor and break fast time.

At home,there a never ending issue that we face almost everytime Ramadhan which is my father hate to see any left over on any food.It completely different with mom who are very generous in cooking, although she claimed she only cook a little but it end up got some left over.My father seldom break fast at home,he always break fast at mosque.Most of the time he has no idea on how many people with eat,he not really care on household.The objective is no left over and my mom objective is the food should be enough for her children.

There always cases if got a little left over,we have to listen my father nag for the whole month.Several times he take an advance action by giving some food or fruits to peoples.When he exceed the limit,and my mom found out the food not enough then we have to listen to my mom nag.Actually,there no cooperation between both of them, sorry to say and as children we just sigh…and sit quietly somewhere in a corner.Oh,I try to interfere before but the result is even worse.

During daytime,I have to sew curtain which I don’t like it either.But seem like it become one of my task,after they thought my previous curtain is beautiful.It was not sophisticated design,just straigth sew but the fabric pattern helps a lot.I just swear,I wont sew curtain anymore…it really bored I tell you. =( .

Not all my siblings at home,some need to work,some went to their in law house but at least my mom have me,my two brothers and a sister in law with her.

3rd Ramadhan : The curtain and the leftover

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