2 nd Ramadhan : Coffee and Time Flies

I am fasting today, I reached office at 7.30 am.Then start on focusing on my first task.After completed,I thought I took a very long time to complete it but when I glanced at the time ,it was 8.30 am.Office just start crowding , people having breakfast and making coffee.

Humphh..the coffee smell.I know that the other months,I could not live without coffee before start working.No matter how some say that it might dry our skin or etc etc I just don’t care.I like it at morning but today I feel weird with my self.Humm..I thought I was addicted to coffee but seem like my addiction level is not so high.Ya,I am little bit sleepy.

The time flies…I think the time crawling.It become very slow,and everytime I get bored and tired staring at my monitor, I ‘m not sure what to do.If normal day,I will walk to pantry just to refill water or make coffee.I noticed that I am seldom using toilet,of course less input surely less output 🙂 .Maybe that is why I feel time very slow because I just thinking and stare at computer except for meeting.

Today a little bit laggy for me,I hate whenever my assumptions are wrong and the solution still unknown.It’s like walking the dark.

“Hummphhh…My brain is very slow today.”

“Stop solving,start new direction.”

“Even new direction also not coming..”

“You’re good you know?If I were you I m not sure I can or not.Thinking required a lot of energy.”

Ya,thanks for being positive to me.I need it so much.

The daytime might be very slow,but nightime feel very fast =).

2 nd Ramadhan : Coffee and Time Flies

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