1 st Ramadhan:Short stories

The period woman is prohibited from fasting,but if we choose  to eat nothing still we need to replace the fasting on the other day in different month.So eat properly during this time because your body need it.But I always skip this because it is embrassing when eating at office especially when majority in my office are guys =”).Usually I will find hidden place to eat,if I m really hungry because most of the time I forget.

But no worries,we still get full mark as we are fasting by doing charity such provide meal/drink for people to break fast.Luckily…

The purpose of fasting is to eat as less as possible,because it gives chance to our body to run detox process smoothly, but the culture treat fasting month in different way.So please dear, focus on objective,not the food.Eat good,do good and be good =).

I had a really interesting conversation with a friend.It reminds me to the quote that sound something like this,

If you want to change to be a good person,Allah will send a lot of good people in the way that you may not have thought,just to help and support you.

I hope during this Ramadhan,I can be a better person.Oh,my brother managed to quit smoking during last year Ramadhan. You become more handsome and attractive when you are not smoking.Try to be a hot guy?Quit smoking.=)

My mom call me at 4.59 am to wake me up for sahur, and just text me ‘Selamat berbuka.’Ya, she such a warmest,sweetest woman in the world plus she is so funny.I think,I can create one category in this blog just to tell you about my mom.

My friend,still stuck at office texting me regarding bug that he found in his system.I told him,just go back because that bug won’t run anywhere.He better take care of his body and his wife.

What next?I think I will read a book.

1 st Ramadhan:Short stories

3 thoughts on “1 st Ramadhan:Short stories

  1. Selamat malam. 😉

    “I hope during this Ramadhan,I can be a better person.”
    I do hope not. I hope you’ll be trying to be a better person the whole year, not just one month. Oh yes, when some Catholics in Poland are stopping doing something just for 40 days of fasting, I find it hypocritical too. Being a good person isn’t attained by “getting full marks” or doing something once in a while.

    Your wording suggest is’s a work issue, that bug, so yes – of course he should take care of that. Ramadhan or not.


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