The Wedding

They are no longer stranger…they are my family.

Our family being blessed last weekend with two new  family members.My new brother and sister in law.My younger sister was getting married on Saturday -30 May 2015 and my younger brother was on Monday-1 June 2015.

We held small feast on Saturday and witnessing how my mom mee kuah blast the guests.Most of them ate for more than one bowl and they have no chance to tapau it because all clear.Total 18 kilos of mee.We rushing here and there just to make sure all of them get enough food.The only complaint that we got is,’Why it is so delicious?’Beside mee kuah,we have a lot of other kuih muih that mostly sponsored by relatives and friends such as karipap,kueh sri muka,cakes,cucoq udang.All of it very delicious,our guest had chance to tapau kueh and they seem very happy.Seriously,nothing can beat the feeling of seeing people happily enjoy the food.

The best moment when all of family members including my mom and dad relative getting involve in this wedding.InshaaAllah,we will have official reception somewhere in July after Eid Fitri.

Album for mas kahwin, we decorate it ourselves.
My brother trying kain sampin.



May Allah bless us till Jannah.Amen.

p/s:On Monday morning,my mom and sister made mee kuah again,because some of us not even have chance to eat it during feast because it was a super busy day.

The Wedding

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