I seldom remember my dreams.Sometimes my dreams could be a continuous movie series such as in first dream ,I did not know how to drive car but I faced an emergency situation whereby I had to drive a car without knowing how.After some time,I got a dream whereby  I already got a license due to the first dream.Weird.

One of dream that I remember until now happened when I was a teenager.Maybe in secondary school.In my dream, I was playing at a small path near to my house.There a boy, tall and quite fair.He does not look like Arabian or India,maybe more to Chinese but his eyes quite big and his skin color not so fair but he is fairer than me.He wore white T-shirt and some sort of a hat or cap.Maybe kupiah but not the regular white one.It was dark blue if I am not mistaken,the texture quite soft based on my observation.He still young but older than me at that time.I believe that I can recognize him if he bump into me.

He was riding a bicycle and then stopped when he saw me.Now I could not remember what conversation that we had, but I remember he told me his name.It quite a lengthy name (I think) but he asked me to call him ‘Izmir’.He seem polite,the way he talk and how he brought himself.Then suddenly I just woke up,at that time I think I remembered exactly what conversation we had but now when I am writing this, I only remember his name and his face.

After some time when I got to know Googles and internet,I  started to search for word ‘Izmir’.It came out a name of place at Turkey.It’s very beautiful place plus Turkey is one of my wish visit place =)


So maybe I need to go to this place,pursuing my dream?What do you think?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream


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