We picked them from a friend at Kelantan,
Their mother is Persian,their father unknown,labi three
They’re twin black and white,
One named Labu,one named Labi
Labu died first,so that’s a lonely Labi,
He gentle to human especially to the little one,
He let kitten step on his head,
But warn to those tomcat,’don’t mess with him!’
He is coldhearted,
He is the Don!

He always go out to explore,
Return in the mid night covered with mud,labi1
He yell at your ear,
So you better wake up and serve him food
or you can sleep in nightmare

One day in colder morning
His body lied on the grass
He did’t move…forever and made us wonder why
Still we remember him
The big and warm tomcat
He lives in our mind-
The gentle Don.

Labi,we always miss you.


Note:Labu Labi are character name from Labu Labi,the old P.Ramlee movie.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Menagerie.”


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