Prime Minister of Internet?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Internet Order.”

I believe that education is more important than controlling.The issues that we’re facing now is the MISUSE.Usually whenever this issue comeout-some solution that come out to my eyes(well because I read it) is ban ,prohibit or haramkan.Well,if peoples spread the fire through Facebook then ban Facebook.If the fire come from blog then ban blog.Oh,if we found out our staff chatting through FB/Gtalk/YM then ban those communication tool from our office.Is it really effective way to control???

I am working in IT field and it is really suffering when I cannot chat with my colleagues whenever we got the problem.I remember when I was working in a company that suddenly apply this rule.No IM/Gtalk or any similar messagging tool installed in staff computer. I need to go to other people desk just to tell about simple thing.It was very horrible experience because simple thing become tedious.Actually it effect productivity.It’s all due to some people in management that does not understand how thing works…when they saw their staff using IM they just think productivity level will drop.I am not sure in which sector but controlling this in IT field is make no sense for me.

As IT peoples we should be exposed with the technology.If you think your staff just know how to play with Twitter or Facebook…for programmer, whenever some brainstorming comes in ,there will be some opinion ‘oh…why not we do it like FB–‘, ‘Oh…I think FB is lousy in etc…so let do this.’,’Hey…you got to check out this site!!’ See…you see the difference?

I admitted the misuse is everywhere but still the only thing that I think we can control it something that is really distinct and easy to identify such as pornography.But we need to find out how to control it from being uploaded at the first place rather than downloading/viewing issue.It quite tough and dirty job,imagine how film being reviewed.The reviewer is the one who doing this dirty job.So the reviewers are not so innocent.Uppss…

So the most important thing is EDUCATION.If peoples are highly educated,well mannered those bad thing will not being uploaded at the first place.Let prepare our selves and our generation before we go and jump into the web.How big the ocean is,if we know how to dive , we will be safe.

It is so easy to access knowledge nowadays.We complete our assignment by Googling,we learn through internet.Whenever we got question,we just go and search through Search Engine.So handy right?Imagine how our old peoples survive without Internet.They are truly genius right?

and they have REAL FRIENDS without Facebook or mobilephone =)


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