Let it go

I thought forgiveness is for others but actually it exclusively for me.Once I starting to forgive..I am  the one who feel peace.

It’s depend on the situation.Here I list down  some of the situations.I use simple example to describe scenario.

Scenario #1:Small fault but seldom happen

Your friend always punctual but sometimes he/ she might late.Forgive them,because it is not their habit.No need to wait for them to apologize.Who are you anyway?Such small fault you cannot get over it.Forgive and forget.

Scenario #2:Small fault but always happen

Your friend always late,the worst is… they the one who set time but they the one who break it.Do not keep quite and pretend you are the patient person.Don’t be such hypocrite by smiling at them but back bite them.Let them know and if they ignore it then forgive but do not forget.Why?If they set appointment at 6.00 pm , don’t come at 5.45 pm.Learn the lesson.Come at the time when you expect your friend to come.So you also got extra time to do other thing.Win Win situation right?Forgive but don’t forget until their attitude is improved.

Scenario #3:The fault that committed by other also committed by you.

Okay,imagine you are the person that always late in Scenario 2.You don’t have right to scold other peoples while you also doing the same thing.Don’t mad when people unfriend you while you always unfriend people,don’t  mad when others are rude while you also rude.That we call it as KARMA.Forgive,forget and learn.

Scenaro #4:Huge fault…it impact your life.(The sinful person is sincere)

If the person who ask you forgiveness SINCERELY ,I would say it is up to you.You can sense how sincere the person is.If they willing to do anything that they capable of in order to get your fogiveness why not?Sometimes they are not asking your forgiveness verbally but through their action.Forgiving people will make it easier for you to let go (forget) it.Do you want  to memorize it in entire life?Should we put something better in our memory, so get rid a.s.a.p.

Scenario #5:Huge fault…detected no sincere

Forgive but do not forget.Meaning let it go from your life but take precaution with this person.Forgive them but it does not mean you have to take them as friend.The metaphora ;Don’t try to befriend with criminal… but it is okay to befriend  with X criminal.See the difference there?

Giving forgiveness not necessary we have to give chance to other person.But give forgiveness here mean give chance for ourselves to start new life.Forgiving it is not action that required us to say it out loud to the related person, but for us to do within ourselves silently.Because it is not for them,IT IS FOR OURSELVES.

So before sleep,ask ourselves do we want to live in hatred or we want to live peacefully?Get rid bad people from our heart but store them in our brain as precaution procedure.

This is something that  I want to do,I want to learn to forgive because I want to empty my heart from bad peoples and fulfill it with good peoples who are worth to be in my heart.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forgive and Forget?.”


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