It was an accident…

What will you do,if you could turn back time?

It’s viral now at Facebook, news regarding Myvi.I wondered why suddenly this compact car become very popular in Malaysia.Actually Myvi is the most popular car in Malaysia, I also like it but unfortunately this is not the reason why it become so famous recently. I came to know there was accident at Duke Highway that sacrificed parent and their 7-months baby.They left their other two daughters orphan.accident

But today I am not going to write about this accident, I have little knowledge on this case.But I will share my accident experience that happened somewhere in last year.

My car was at workshop so I borrowed my sister car,coincidentally it also a MyVi.At that time,I was travelling from my home to my work place which total km including return is 134 km.Usually I reach home almost at 9-10 pm depending on traffic.

The accident happened at night, when traffic light at Padang Meha turned green.I drove slowly because there still a lot of car.Suddenly the first car stop without giving a signal,the second car quickly turn left to avoid  from hitting the car.Me,I was the third car , I did not notice the second car moved SO QUICKLY so I just go straight and then I realized the first car was  giving signal to the right so without thinking I just turn left to avoid hitting that car and BUMMM—-there a motorcycle at my left falling down.It took me some time to write these simple statements but the accident happened less than a minute.

Only Allah knows how I feel when I saw the motorcycle fall  from my rear-view mirror.The other motorcycles quickly stop to help him.My feet was shaking, I was in really big decision whether to stop or not.It was night and I was alone lady driver.It was not my fault, the car at my front should give signal properly.My hunch told me that so many times, but I managed to stop at the road side, when I ensured the traffic will not be distracted by my car.I walked about few meters to go at accident place, and only Allah knows how the other riders who were helping  the victim stare at me.I was going to be sentenced to death…definitely.I could not think any other positive pictures.My brain was overload with nightmares.

This is normal,if one motorcycle down, the other riders around will try to help him.I witness this beautiful scene many times,when a motorcycle get hit by car,it took less than a minute for other riders help the victim.They will move the victim to a safer place, taking care traffic, collect the item such helmet etc.

“Adik okay ke?[Brother,are you okay?]”I asked him.My voice very shaky-I couldnot control it.”Akak mintak maaf sangat sangat.[I  am really sorry]”Actually I almost cry.It feel really scary when all the eyes focus at me…seem like only me at that time.

“Eh, tak apa kak.[Eh,it’s okay sis]”He replied when he re-positioned his motorcycle,helped by others.

“Are you sure?”I checked his condition.He seem very nervous.Of course, just hit by a car and luckily still alive.I scanned his body,seem like no wound.The motorcycle also seem okay,I didn’t see any break.Based on the sound during the accident just now,it maybe just slowly fall down.Luckily I was driving very slow and he fall at the right side.If he fall on the busy traffic…

“Jom pergi klinik.[Let’s go to clinic]”I offered him to go clinic.

“Eh..tak perlu kak, saya okay.[Eh…no need sis.I am okay.]”

“Betul ke ni?Mana tahu ada cedera kat dalam ke?[Are you sure?Who knows got hurt inside]”I really insisted to bring him to clinic even I haven’t figure it how.

“Tak, saya serius okay.[No,I am seriously fine]”He replied,try to calm me maybe.Yes,it calmed me a little bit and also soften the other eyes towards me.Before this when other peoples stare at me,I was expecting I will get real lesson from them.But Alhamdulillah, nothing happen.

After a few conversation, I walked to my car slowly.It was really my bad day.I waited for that guy to move first then I continued my journey.Only after that I managed to think the better way to act such; I should give my phone number to him,I should ask his name and etc. I feel really regret and could not stop thinking about all the bad possibilities that might happen,how about that guy become sick after the accident or fall somewhere before he reach home?He reminds me to my younger brother very much.I admitted,I cried a long the way home.

It took me quite some time to forget.It was a small accident,but the trauma took me some time to get over it.Actually that was not my first accident ,but this is the first time it involved human life.The only thing that I feel very grateful is, I stopped and checked on that guy.Maybe it was  my fault,maybe other peoples fault or  maybe it was that guy fault but regardless whoever fault I dare to stop and check on him.If I didn’t , I am not sure what will happen to  me today.Seriously,the trauma will take more time to recover if I just hit and run.It will be very hard for me to forgive myself.

Now I wonder…if the MyVi group did not just go and stay after the accident will it be a different ending?

How about you?If you accidentally hit people what will you do?Especially when the scene seem like you are guilty or actually yes you are guilty?What will you do?

p/s:From Allah we come,to Him we will return. Al Fatihah to the victim and may Allah give strength to those who involved.

It was an accident…

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