Project:Get rid of the potato

Let move the potatoes from our habit to our plate.

This going to be rush post.I reached earlier at my office.I should write blog during weekend but I ‘ve been a potato.

The thin potato doing nothing except watching TV(regardless how stupid the drama is,but it fun to curse around) and holding phone waiting for someone to text me which is not going to happen.Reading Facebook even though those status are nothing to do with me. Argghhh…beside attending motorcycle license course on Sunday ,I was doing nothing.Dammnnnnn me!!

So enough is enough, I need to wake up and be productive and focus on what I want and should do.

Here the thing I want to do /change :

1) Drink a lot of water.

I started last Monday-drank 3 liters but it turn up too much.I will keep drinking with minimum 2.5 liter a day.Actually the huge change that I saw instead being loyal to WC is I have no issue during blood test.I could not remember since when my blood very smoothly flow out.In previous , nurses need to put needle so many times, the blood come out only half way,need to retake again,exchange hand left and right,blood spill.Aishh…it make me trauma but last Friday I was surprised when nurse said,’Okay finish.’No more drama during blood test.Yayyy!!

2)Wake up earlier for Subuh prayer.

I should say for every prayer time-5 times a day.But I will start with Subuh prayer first.

3)Write blog once a week.

I need to control my time with TV/Phone and focus on productive task such writing blog.


Lately is raining season.But I hope I can manage to swim once a week.

Actually I have more, but let try these four first for a month and see the good things come out.

Okay.Now… get …set…GO!

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p/s:Hey I would like to know how you get rid bad habit,who know I can apply it to myself.

Project:Get rid of the potato

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