For me to say ‘Hi,Assalamualaikum,Where are you from?I am from here…bla bla…’ is easy, no need to use brain to talk but it must be difficult for her.

This morning I went to breakfast at Taman Tun Saadon Market.It almost 11 am but a lot of peoples there.I need to park further and walk around 100 meters.


Seriously,is this place SO popular?Seem like most of Penangites having their breakfast here.Because this place is too crowded,I don’t even feel lonely while eating alone here.You can guess which stall selling the best food.I wanted Nasi Lemak but after seeing the queue,I gave up.I decided to choose other stall.Most of them sure got queue,it either just long or longer.Huh,all the food here ‘the best’ maybe.

When  queuing for Serabai ,the lady at front of me just keep quite.I smiled at her,but quickly  she ignored me and looked at other place.How rude!

Makcik (the seller) gave her two plates with two Serabai,suddenly she made sign with her finger.She wanted extra Serabai.Makcik nodded,she put extra one for each of her plate.

Oh my God…I was speechless.

The lady opened her purse when Makcik said the price,’Empat…Dua…’ with her finger showing four then two ;RM4.20.The lady pointed to her mouth,indicate that she wanted tissue.

I wanted to cry,indeed…I can feel my tear at my eye lid.Lately I feel distracted ,I feel that I was the most unfortunate human in the world.I turn to be melancholic,complaining here and there.

But now,God showed me how a mute lady survive.I feel bad because I misjudged her,and I feel worse because I didn’t how to apologize.Of course she won’t simply smile to everyone she meet,how about if stranger ask her this and that…it will make the story longer which is very difficult for her to handle.

For me to say ‘Hi,Assalamualaikum,Where are you from?I am from here…bla bla…’ is easy, no need to use brain to talk but it must be difficult for her.

20150419_104147Eating my serabai and bread with cheese filling while listening to the song that sang by blind peoples near me.The feeling was indescribable.I should be grateful,I feel guilt to God.

The life…still a life.I wonder how peoples could gain a strength to smile like they have everything while they’re not.I need that strength…I need it desperately.

Jumpa lagi =`)

p/s:To cure my heart,I bought this cute Chu lip.Huh… I need a kiss.=”o



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