Dear my Dream Reader…

Actually I have nothing to write for you…I just write it for myself.

When I read this  assignment,I feel very difficult.How can I imagine how my dream reader should act or look like?Reader should only  just reading…am I right?Errkk…

Then I got this idea,how about writing it for my future husband…because I never have a boyfriend so dreaming about husband is absolutely a DREAM.Whatever…let me imagine how a dream reader look like when he or she is reading my blog.

Then I see a cute face smiling at me.Ya…it’s  him.

Who is he?He is my nephew and currently the only nephew that we have.He was born on 20 February  2014,and I was born on 27 February in different year(of course).Our family treasure him like The Cullens treasure Renesmee.Ya, I am referring to that pale face vampire family.

To my dear Rifaie, mama long loves you, your mother loves you,your father loves you and all of us love you very much.We can stare at your face while you are sleeping and can’t wait for you to wake up so we can play with you.

We laugh when you mad and even love you more when you are smiling. Mama long really hope if one day when you bump into this entry,you should know how much you meant to me,to us.

Mama long hope you will enjoy your life and keep inspiring peoples surround you.You should know,you already inspired us since you were born.You are strong man with a gentle heart.I hope you will be on the right path,sometimes you may get lost but it’s okay,mama long always lost all the time.Just turn back and find the correct path.

Be a good son,be a good man.May Allah guide you and help you.Be humble,treat people right.I hope you are smiling when you read this.Writing is one of the things that mama long loves to do.Love…love muahh.. =*)

To other dream readers beside Rifaie…ohh yes.It is you.I can’t promise that I will write everything for you as it is my own blog.Whatever I wrote here, it just my small and humble life, I hope you like it.My life is not perfect but it is a gift that I should be grateful since I was born.I only can promise that whatever you see in this blog,it is me genuinely.All writing,photos  are mine and if it is not, I will put credit to the owner or state the source where I get it from.Happy?

Enough…I should write for my husband.He is late…super late, I hope he won’t get hit by truck or die in airplane crash.By the time he come,I shall hit him with a broom.Damn you!!

Jumpa lagi =`)

Dear my Dream Reader…

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