Why I am here?

I don’t find any valid reason…I just want to do something that I want to do – unid

I just read through Blogging101,I wondered why I never bump into this site before.It contains useful information as I just started my WordPress blog.Actually this is not my first writing.I started writing short stories when I was in school but during university era I found my self loves to write blog.Back then we had Friendster,Circle etc.But I keep delete it again and again so the only first blog entry that I remember was in 2006 and it was in Blogger.

I keep writing in Blogger on and off,and I noticed that I almost totally ignored my blog after I sign up into Facebook.Ya,that crappy Facebook can be such a cruel.

Recently I deactivated my Facebook account temporarily and took some time for my self.I had my recent vacation to Sabah, which I would like to treasure it forever.I also have some friends asking me to post and share with them about my vacation since-i-donno-when but somehow I do not feel that Facebook could fulfill my requirement.Suddenly I just feel that my wall crowded with not only my post but also other peoples.

For short status update,teasing people,asking around and keep in touch with my old friends , Facebook still a very good tool for that.But for my own personal journal, I think I need more space for my own and also the ability to share without considering friend or not friend.Anyone welcome to read this.

I also do some research around.I opened Tumblr account,Dayre account.I like how microblogging works, but I still greedy…I want both macro and micro.

Why I moved to WordPress while I already have Blogger account?

I used to be in Blogger since 2006,I know the tool well.After reading, I decided to choose WordPress,can we say-I just need to start a new life?But…come on you can read the comparison between those by yourself,aren’t you?

Are you going to use English for all your entries here?

Well,I will write in any language that I feel to.Today English,tomorrow maybe Malay and in future who know?But I am not good in grammar for both English and Malay–please refer to other site for language reference.

What topic that you will covered?

Well,I put scribbly in my blog url because it reflects me.Beside cat, I love doodling,conteng sana sini or in other word scribble around.I will post any entry regarding anything that I want to share.There is no restriction,it’s my space.But I hope,I can manage to write something useful at least for myself.

Target audience?

What is that?I don’t have any specific target but I hope people happy when reading my blog.Am I answering the question?Okay…maybe later.

Jumpa lagi =`)

Why I am here?

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