Travel to Sabah-April 2015

Just after my plane landed at Penang on 6 April,I took a bus to the Suntech,went to car park and tried to start my car.I could not start it-the battery was flat.I checked the date,it already over one year.Good thing was,it happened when I just get back from my vacation.Luckily my housemate picked me up…and to make my life more dramatic,at that night I was attacked by high fever and on the next day I went working with brainless skull.I was on medical leave on Wednesday.I guess I should extend my vacation longer.(-_-)Y

Sorry for a very long not-beneficial  introduction…now I am recovering and super excited to share my experience in Sabah.

My trip to Sabah started on 1 April until 6 April 2015 with a friend.This is my second trip to Sabah, my first trip was somewhere in 2008 to Sandakan.

What I can say about Sabah?It is magnificent and if you ask me,I want to go there again and again.Here my brief itinerary in Sabah:

  • 1 April 2015-We just landed and did survey on Discovery Scuba package-at last we chose Diverse Borneo.

Sunset at WaterFront,Kota Kinabalu on 1 April 2015

Sunset at WaterFront ,Kota Kinabalu

  • 2 April 2015-Enjoy diving at Sapi Island and had lunch Gaya Island.The coral was WOW…


Discovery Scuba at Sapi Island

  • 3 April 2015-Three hours driving to Kudat just want to touch Tip of Borneo.Arghh…this place was amazing, we should spend a night there to watch sunrise and sunset.Next time I ‘ll make sure I will.


Tips of Borneo,Kudat

  • 4 April 2015-We reached Kundasang at previous day evening after two hours driving.We visited Desa Cattle Farm in early morning, then we visit mini Strawbery farm,War Memorial,Kinabalu Park(I drove until the climber checkpoint-huh it was very challenging),then Sabah Tea plantation.


Kiram’s Village, a humble chalet where we spent two nights there.


Kundasang is a highland,it close to our dearest Mount of Kinabalu


Desa Dairy Farm,Kundasang.A must go place.


Highland of Kundasang,where the flowers live happily ever after.


Drive until Timpohon Gate of Mount Kinabalu at Kinabalu Park.It was one of my scary driving experience.Warning-do not drive there after 4 pm.


Sabah Tea Plantation,we had tea time here while taking time charging my phone.The day already dark and we need the phone for GPS.

  • 5 April 2015-Drive back to Kota Kinabalu, climbed to Signal Observatory Hill to watch Kota Kinabalu city,took bus to Tanjung Aru Beach to watch sunset and at last we had dinner somewhere at waterfront.


Watching peoples,listening to music and waiting the moon taking shift with the sun.

More picture please checkout my flickr album.Enjoy and don’t forget to book your ticket to Sabah in future.

I shared with you a video that I took at Tanjung Aru Beach,while waiting for sunset we listening to this talented band.

Jumpa lagi (*-*)Y

Travel to Sabah-April 2015

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